Sweet Croissant           Savory Croissant

Butter Croissant
Made with Buerremont 82% butter

Croissant filled and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache

Apple Croissant
House-made apple filling

Cherry Turnover
Tart cherry filling

Bear Claw
Almond paste filling topped with almonds and streussel

Apple filling with pecans and brown sugar

Flavors change daily but include Cream Cheese, Raspberry, Blueberry, Lemon, and Plum

Christopher Bun
Raisins, almonds, dates and streussel topped with Cream Cheese Mascarpone

Almond paste-Grand Marnier filling whipped with egg for fluffiness and topped with almonds

Almond Rum Croissant
Almond paste filling with rum, topped with toasted almonds
Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Sour cream, walnuts and 
cinnamon-sugar Streussel

        Fruit Galette
Fresh fruit (varies daily) topped
with cinnamon-sugar 

  Chocolate Croissant
      Bread Pudding
Chocolate croissant pieces baked 
with cream 

    Cheese Scones
Welsh Cheddar cheese and chives

   Cranberry White
  Chocolate Scones
Prosciutto & Asiago
Prosciutto di Parma and aged Asiago cheese

Spinach & Feta
Fresh baby spinach and French sheep's milk Feta

Farmer's Croissant
Peppers, tomatoes, scallions and Feta

Kermit's Delight
House-made Apple-Onion Chutney with bacon and Welsh Cheddar cheese

Turkey Next Door
Turkey, house-made tomato chutney, baby spinach and Honey Goat cheese

Asparagus & Fontina
Fresh asparagus, Dijon mustard and Fontina

Egg, potato, cheese, Sopressata salami, red peppers and scallions

Ricotta, Parmesan, salami and Herbes de Provence

Egg, potato, cheese, Italian sausage, tomato and onion

Bird in a Bun
Chicken, assorted vegetables, onions and mushrooms - our version of the Pot Pie

Farmhouse Tort
Ricotta, Parmesan, egg and scallions, with or without Italian sausage

    Buffalo-Style Mac & Cheese
Macaroni noodles in a rich cheese sauce topped with crunchy bread crumbs and herbs, baked in a croissant shell

           Cheese Galette
Parmesan, Pepperjack and other varied cheeses topped with toasted almonds

      Gwyneth Peach Adobo
Chicken, Swiss cheese and hardboiled egg with a Peach Adobo BBQ sauce

        Cowboy Breakfast
Egg, bread, Italian sausage, onion and Welsh Cheddar cheese

Egg with assorted vegetables, with or without meat

          Country Paté
Gruyère cheese and fresh sausage paté

   Hang On Tomato Tart
Filo dough topped with Parmesan, Mozzarella, onion, tomato and Oregano

Other Cakes, Pies, Chocolates, Desserts etc. 
made to order - please call with inquiries

(made fresh to order with homemade Focaccia dough - please allow 15-20 minutes)
· Bennett : ham, tomatoes, baby spinach and Fontina
· Della Street : peppers, onions and Asiago
· Uncle Wiggly : Italian sausage, bacon, Ricotta, Comté, tomatoes, onions,    nutmeg and red pepper
· Sinatra : turkey, Camembert, baby spinach and dried cranberries
· Lucille : turkey, baby spinach, pesto and Fontina
· Louis Primavera : baby spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, pesto and Fontina
· Little J : Sopressata salami, Fontina, baby spinach, mayonnaise and mustard
· Create Your Own

We feature various homemade soups throughout the winter, and occasionally during the summer 

Italian Soda
Hot Chocolate
Caramel Cider (seasonal)
Sipping Chocolate
Fresh Fruit Smoothies
Natural Sodas  

Also Available

Coda Coffe, Lavazza Coffee
Various gourmet spreads, jams and specialty items
KUKUI skincare collection
*Ask About Gift Baskets*


Plain Brioche

Savory Pocket
                  Ham and French Comté cheese

Cheese Monet
                  Brioche filled with Camembert or 
                  Blue Stilton

Chiminy Pocket
                  Italian sausage, Pepperjack 
             cheese and Chimichurri sauce

Cookies etc.
·  Tollhouse Chocolate Chip
·  Oatmeal Raisin
·  Ginger Molasses
·  Peanut Butter
(all made in-house)

Orange Pistachio or Chocolate Walnut

Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich
Two peanut butter cookies filled with dark chocolate ganache and a thin layer of spicy Habanero fudge

Lemon Lust Bar

Cappuccino Brownie

Ricotta, chopped pistachios and chocolate

Drunken Rabbit
Dark chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse and Grand Marnier

Petite Buffalo Dream
Dark chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse and topped with ganache

Peanut Butter Birdie
Dark chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse and peanut butter

Queen Cake
Dense chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate mousse, covered with ganache

White Chocolate Key Lime Pie

Breads, Rolls etc.

·       French 
·       French Baguette
·       Prosciutto &
        cracked pepper           
·       Jewish Rye with 
·       Multigrain
·       Italian Country
·       Dark Pumpernickel 
·       Light Pumpernickel
·       Sweet Perrin with
        dates, walnuts &
        Grand Marnier
·       Challah 
·       House-made bagels
·       Kimmelweck

* new concoctions added daily

*inventory changes depending on time of year, mood of baker, phase of the moon, planetary alignment etc.

*CALL FOR SPECIAL ORDERS! Please call at least 1 day in advance!